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A young company with deep roots, Vernici Caldart was founded in 1976 by Carlo Caldart from Belluno.
Still today a strong family imprint distinguishes the company, which is managed by the second generation: Marco and Paolo Caldart. Marco handles all aspects of production and the definition of solutions requested by clients; Paolo looks after administration and management.

Originally production was limited to varnishes for postcards and later to treatments for wood. As time passed, the arrival of new professional figures and continual and constant commitment to research and innovation allowed the company to offer products with high quality and reliability in the high-technology paints sector, such as paints for glass, plastic materials and special effect paints.

Today, Vernici Cardart is able to offer a very wide range of products that allow it to cover various sectors, such as glasses, where it offers undisputed excellence worldwide, cosmetics and costume jewellery, car refinishing, the industrial section with the production of enamels obtained both by grinding and by tinting with water and solvent, and the industrial and artistic glass sectors.

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