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The real driving force of Vernici Caldart are the instruments, the machineries and the cutting-edge technologies that stand out the brand, the result of investments towards innovative solutions to optimise production times.


Among the instruments used for the production of industrial paints there are the spectrophotometer, the chamber for high vacuum metallisation, the pilot line for UV cross-linking and other technological equipment to ensure care and excellence in performance.

Research and quality

In the Research and Quality laboratories we produce highly technological industrial paints, made thanks to the skills of the different areas and a deep knowledge of raw materials. Our knowledge and application of UV technology allows us to reduce solvents in the atmosphere and the hardening times of paints, ensuring high performance.


All products are laboratory-tested and subjected to various quality checks:

Salt spray ASTM B-117

Cass-test ASTM B-368

Abrasion ASTM D-968

Adhesion tests D-3359


Climatic Chamber

Artificial perspiration ISO 12870

Artificial ageing QUV Panel ASTM G-154

Impact- or break-resistant ASTM D-2794

Superficial hardness “Koenig pendulum” ASTM D-4366

Spectrophotometer for colour tests