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Research and Quality Laboratory Vernici Caldart

& quality

Research & quality

Areas of specialized excellence have developed within the company, such as our research and quality control laboratories

Thanks to the skills and know-how of our technical assistance service, the use of high quality raw materals and cutting-edge production processes, we develop high performance products.

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Years of experience

40  years
of experience

surface between the headquarters

27.000  mq
of surface between the two locations

paints produced per year

4.200  tons
of paints produced per year

countries we export to

20  countries
in the world to we export

Fields of application

With the evolution of the market and technologies, we have developed increasingly high-performance products suitable for all types of materials

Paints for metal on taps
Paints for plastic materials
Paints for glass
Paints for alloys
Paints for beverage
Sputtering and PVD metallization paints
Specialty paints on helmet
UV paints on cosmetic packaging